2021 Edition: 1041 pages | Supreme Court Case Decisions through June 2021 (3012 citations)

Epub version: Separately available from Select Retailers.

Constitution of the United States | Declaration of Independence | Federalist Papers/Anti-Federalist Papers | Articles I - VII | Amendments 1 - 27 | Citations | Landmark Decisions | Modern Rulings:

Full text of the United States Constitution including all 27 Amendments; Supreme Court interpretation based on current and landmark decisions; Thousands of Citations and Hyperlinks; Preamble to the Constitution; Declaration of Independence.



A Mnemonic is a device used to assist in memorizing lists of words. Memorizing the mnemonic assists in memory recall of the words represented.

In this book, each letter of a mnemonic corresponds to the first letter of a Constitutional Provision. Recalling the mnemonic from memory takes less time than recall of an entire list of terms. The Mnemonics included in this book focus on the Constitutional Provisions that create or restrict Federal Power.

Mnemonics are also provided for each of the first fifteen Amendments. The purpose of the mnemonic devices is to provide a quick check list of important issues to discuss if relevant when taking an exam. The Mnemonics are ordered to preserve the order of the actual text as much as possible.

The Definitions section contains the entire text of the Constitution including all twenty-seven Amendments, and the Supreme Court interpretation of the meaning and intent of each provision through the Fifteenth Amendment. The definitions should be used as a starting point for a full understanding of each concept. Further research of the fine points of each rule will be necessary.

Citations are included to provide the authority for each rule and to allow further research into the particular area of Constitutional Law. The Definitions and Rules are based on citations from current and landmark Supreme Court Decisions.

Also Included is the Declaration of Independence, the Transmission Letter from the Constitutional Convention President, George Washington, to the Congress of the Confederation recommending ratification of the Constitution, and the Preamble to the Constitution, which were each drafted to explain what the Framers of the Constitution intended to accomplish.

Epub version: Separately available from Select Retailers.

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