78 pages | Common Law of Contracts and Defenses and Remedies: Offer | Acceptance | Consideration | Real Defenses | Personal Defenses | Remedies | Selected UCC Sections.

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A Mnemonic is a device used to assist in memorizing lists of words. Memorizing the mnemonic assists in memory recall of the words represented. In this book, each letter of a mnemonic corresponds to the first letter of a legal term. Recalling the mnemonic from memory takes less time than recall of an entire list of terms.

The mnemonics included in this book reference the important common law substantive legal terms that must be discussed in contracts exams including both the California First Year Law Student Exam and the California Bar Exam. The purpose of the included mnemonic devices is to provide a quick check list so that every important issue will be discussed if relevant when taking an exam. The corresponding definitions are based on common law principles and should be used as a starting point for a full understanding of each concept. Further research of the fine points of each rule will be necessary. Application of the law to factual situations is not addressed in this book, however spotting all relevant issues and the ability to recite the elements of each rule are both essential to proper legal analysis.

Use of this book in electronic form provides both a unique learning experience and a handy reference tool based on the hyperlink features employed. Letters in blue text are hyperlinks that will take the reader to the section of the book related to the word or phrase. Clicking on the Back Arrow in the navigation toolbar area returns the reader to the previous section. Please note that the functions and layout features will vary depending on the set up and capabilities of the specific reader program. To get an idea about how to use these features, use the mouse to left click on any words in blue text.

Epub version: Separately available from Select Retailers.

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