2020 Edition: Bar Exam Questions and Sample Answers from July 2001 - February 2020

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1631 pages/28311 hyperlinks | Business Associations: Agency Law/Partnerships/Agency Law | Civil Procedure | Community Property | Constitutional Law | Contracts | Corporations | Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | Evidence | Professional Responsibility | Real Property | Remedies | Torts| Trusts | Wills and Intestate Succession:

This is the Ultimate Book of Law School One-Liners.

222 Essays published by the California Bar are located in one book. The question key words are hyperlinked which makes issue spotting stand out. The click of each key word hyperlink takes you to the rule or elements of passing answers. Hyperlinked key words in the answers further facilitate issue spotting. A hyperlink at the end of each rule or element takes you to the question so you can see how the issue was raised in the question.

The questions also reveal what has been tested over the last 36 test sessions. Knowing what has been tested in the past, reveals what has not yet been tested. Each legal issue is clearly identified in a heading and each related answer is found under the appropriate heading. This gives the reader the opportunity to see how passing test takers responded to similar issues across different test sessions. For example, the Evidence issue of Relevance has been raised on nearly every test from July 2001 - February 2020. There are nearly 100 separate answers under the headings Relevance, Legal Relevance, and Logical Relevance. You can expect that issue on your exam. You will also see how successful bar examinees phrased their answers.

Each answer is represented as it appears in the Published Answers from the California Bar. In many cases the headings have been removed, but the complete answer is included. While many of the answers start with a similar statement of law, they often proceed in different ways. Some of the answers are extremely wordy and include indepth analysis that will make you wonder how they had the time to complete the essay, in fact sometimes it is clear that they did not finish. But, they still produced a passing answer. Other answers are short and directly to the point, but include the rules and elements expected for a passing answer. It is also clear that some questions are designed to elicit short, rapid-fire type answers (Evidence), while others require a carefully worded answer (Professional Responsibility).

Hyperlinks make the issues stand out and will help with Issue Spotting. Rules and Elements are hyperlinked so that a click of the mouse will take the reader to a referenced term, rule, or element. The hyperlinks provide a way for the reader to gain a more complete understanding of the interrelationship between different or related terms in an clear and efficient manner. Each Rule and Element Answer is also hyperlinked to the Question that raised the issued. In addition, the Questions are hyperlinked to each issue presented, so it is easy to see how a certain question has been Answered.

The Subject Outline Section located at the beginning of the book provides an excellent outline for every subject and issue tested since 2001. Keep in mind that while every subject tested is included in this book, not every possible issue is covered. The California Bar Examiners seem to find issues each year that have not been tested in the past. However, most issues are repeated randomly each year. Therefore, this book gives a fairly complete set of rules and elements of rules that will assist you in passing the California Bar Exam, the California Baby Bar Exam, any State Bar Exam that tests based in Common Law and Federal Rules, and Law School Exams.

The California Bar Exam is given in February and July each year. Since 2017, the Exam takes place over a 2 day periiod. One day consists of MBE questions (multiple choice) in both the morning and afternoon sessions. On the other day, the morning session consists of 3 essay questions and the afternoon session consists of 2 essay questions and 1 performance test question.

There are a total of 13 essay subjects tested. Those subjects are: 1. Business Associations, 2. Civil Procedure, 3. Community Property, 4. Constitutional Law, 5. Contracts, 6. Criminal Law and Procedure, 7. Evidence, 8. Professional Responsibility, 9. Real Property, 10. Remedies, 11. Torts, 12. Trusts, 13. Wills and Succession. In this book, Business Associations includes Agency Law, Limited Liability Parnerships, and General Partnerships. Corporations belongs in this section, but stands under its own heading since it was once tested as separate subject. Criminal Law and Procedure are also separate sections. Therefore, there are 15 separate major subject headings. Also note that some of the same subjects fall under different headings for example, Remedies is a main heading. However, Remedies also falls under the tested subject of Contracts. In general, Remedies is covered more thoroughly in the Remedies section.

The tests given in February and July are completely different from each other.

In February 2019 the subjects tested were Evidence/Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility, Real Property, Torts, and Wills/Trusts/Community Property. In July 2019 the subjects tested were Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Professional Responsibility, and Remedies/Constitutional Law. Between the two tests, they included 12 of the 13 Subjects tested. The only subject not tested in 2019 was Business Associations/Corporation/Agency Law.

In 2018, 8 Subjects were tested, Business Associations/Corporations/Agency Law, Civil Procedure, Remedies, Torts, and Trusts were not tested.

In July 2017, the number of questions dropped to 5. The February Exam had 6 questions. That year, 9 subjects were tested, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Real Property, and Trusts were not tested.

The Bookmarks Section provides the reader with easy navigation through the Rules and makes the book an excellent and efficient reference source. Also included is a Subject Outline Section which can be used for test preparation or as a quick reference.

Cross-over questions are used to include more subjects within the same 5 questions. Cross-over questions 2017, 2018, and 2019 were: Evidence/Civil Procedure; Professional Responsibility/Contracts; Professional Responsibility/Evidence; Remedies/Constitutional Law; Remedies/Torts; Wills/Community Property; Wills/Trusts/Community Property.

Epub version: Separately available from Select Retailers.

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