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Sample Passing Answers provided by the California Bar with permission were reformatted into a Comprehensive Hyperlinked Ebook.

See how Bar Test Takers address the same Issues similarly and differently and still Pass the Exam.

See what Issues are Tested on almost every Bar Exam.

See what Issues have not yet been Tested.

All California Bar Exam Essay Subjects and Issues tested from 2001 through 2008 are included in one

Must have for California Bar Candidates, Excellent for any State Bar Exam as well.
California Bar Answers Hyperlinked is a reformatted version of the actual sample passing bar exam answers posted on the California Bar web site. The questions and answers may be downloaded free of charge in unhyperlinked form from http://www.calbar.ca.gov

The value of this book is that all questions currently published by the California Bar are located in one book. Each legal issue is clearly identified in a heading and each related answer will be found under the appropriate heading. This gives the reader the opportunity to see how passing test takers responded to similar issues across different test sessions. For example, the Evidence issue of Relevance has been raised on nearly every test from 2001 through 2008. It is easy to see that you can expect that issue on your exam. You will also be able to see how successful bar examinees phrased their answers.

Each rule and each element is hyperlinked when cross-referenced so that a click of the mouse will take the reader to a referenced term, rule, or element. The hyperlinks provide a way for the reader to gain a more complete understanding of the interrelationship between different or related terms in an efficent manner. There are many cross-over subjects that become
readily apparent though the hyperlinks.

The Subject Outline Section located at the beginning of the book provides an excellent oultine for every subject and issue tested since 2001. Please keep in mind that while every subject tested is included in this book, not every possible issue is covered. Only those issues actually tested since 2001 are covered. However it is easy to see which issues will most likely be on the next exam based on the number of answers relating to that issue are found in this book.

The Bookmarks Section provides the reader with easy navigation through the Rules and makes the book an execellent and efficient reference source. Also included is a Subject Outline Section which can be used for test preparation or as a quick reference.

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